Grandbaybio Service Introduction

ICH Biomedical Park System Construction

  • Establish an ICH park expert advisory committee, formulate ICH park system standards, and provide top-level design for park construction
  • Establish the ICH Park Policy Advisory Committee to provide suggestions on park development policy formulation, supporting facilities construction, project selection and talent introduction policies
  • According to the development strategy of the ICH park, actively collect clues about advantageous projects in line with the industrial direction of the ICH park, and establish a database of potential incremental enterprises to introduce in the park
  • Carry out ICH park industrial development and industrial space analysis to optimize the business environment
  • Assist the government to set up the ICH Park Industry Development Fund

Foreign investment promotion

  • Introduce leading enterprises, innovative enterprises and potential start-ups that are in line with the industrial development and functional positioning of the ICH park, and promote the landing of enterprises in the park
  • According to the development needs of the ICH Park and on the basis of the existing biomedical public service platform planning, introduce the technology and service platform required by the ICH Park ecological industry chain
  • Establish domestic and international investment promotion platforms, sort out the list of target companies, and provide project reports on the introduction of target companies to provide a basis for government decision-making
  • According to the situation of the ICH park, the information on the investment and financing of enterprises in line with the development orientation of the ICH park will be transmitted to the government, and the communication and coordination between the government and the enterprise should be done well.
  • Targetedly introduce and organize companies that meet the industrial development and functional positioning of the ICH park to investigate and negotiate in the park, so that more companies can understand the park and give priority to potential introduced companies.
  • Global investment, introducing domestic and foreign venture capital institutions focusing on different fields and stages to enter the park to meet the financing needs of enterprises in the park at different development stages and areas of advantage

Regional corporate services

  • To build a leading company in the ICH Park to go international and participate in global competition, and to establish the brand of the ICH Park as the world’s top biomedical park
  • Establish a communication platform between the enterprises in the park and the government, and transform the enterprise's demands for services into government policy support
  • Provide seed financial services for start-ups, hold investment and financing promotion conferences to guide the gathering of investment and financing institutions, and provide investment, financing and listing consulting services for large enterprises in the park
  • Provide companies with patent compensation, patent linking, intellectual property transactions and transfer consulting services
  • Provide enterprises with human resources, finance and on-the-job training services
  • Provide enterprises with consulting services on government policies, laws and regulations, and project implementation guidance

Park promotion

  • Regularly hold domestic and international ICH park development summit forums, biomedical industry development seminars and ICH park promotion meetings
  • Use domestic and foreign industry conferences as a platform to publicize the park and enterprises through expert speeches and host/participate in round table discussions.
  • Hold the ICH Salon to create a communication platform for the government, enterprises and service organizations in the park, and create an atmosphere for enterprises to take the road of international development in the ICH environment
  • Build an online and self-media propaganda platform in the ICH park, and establish a media cooperation ecosystem
  • Produce brochures, promotional videos, short videos, posters, roll-up banners and other marketing materials for the ICH Park, and provide marketing support for start-ups in the park
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