Xingwanhui & ICH Salon Issue 7 | Sharing of Tax Compliance and Tax and Fee Reduction Themes
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On the afternoon of April 23, under the guidance of Shenzhen Pingshan District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, sponsored by Shenzhen Xingwan Biomedical Development Consulting Co., Ltd., Huashang Lin Lili (Qianhai) Associated Law Firm, Huashang Biomedical Industry Law Research Institute , Shenzhen Shenlong Yida Science and Technology Park Development Co., Ltd., and Kengzi Biomedical Service Department co-organized Xingwanhui & ICH Salon, the seventh "Tax Compliance and Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction" at Haikexing Strategy, No. 16 Baoshan Road, Pingshan District The Emerging Industrial Park was successfully held. In this salon, Pengsheng Tax Agents of Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (AAAAA) certified tax accountants and lawyer Tao Lining of Guangdong Huashang Law Firm were invited. Attorney Tao shared tax planning-related content for the entrepreneurs present. It aims to minimize the tax burden of enterprises on the basis of ensuring tax compliance.


At the event site, Shenzhen Chuanshi Biomedical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Weituo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yeju Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jiamei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Liaoshiyuan Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yawei Hongyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Toho Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., Bard Biotech Co., Ltd. and other relevant persons in charge of the financial departments of Shenzhen biomedical companies attended the salon.

Since 2019, my country has begun to implement a larger-scale reform policy of "tax reduction and fee reduction". Especially since the outbreak of the epidemic, the government has given great support to enterprises in tax reduction and exemption. It can be seen that tax reduction and fee reduction have an impact on the development of enterprises. importance. Knowing the common sense of taxation, mastering the policy of tax reduction and fee reduction, how to minimize the tax burden of enterprises on the basis of tax compliance has become a must-learn topic for every enterprise. At this salon, Lawyer Tao combined tax knowledge with actual cases to share with the guests, hoping to reduce the tax burden for the companies present as much as possible.


At this salon, Lawyer Tao focused on what tax planning is and how to conduct tax planning legally and compliantly, and emphasized that we must plan well in advance. Tax planning is to provide taxpayers and withholding agents with taxation plans and taxation plans that comply with tax laws and regulations and related regulations for their business and investment activities. At the meeting, Lawyer Tao concluded: "Compliance is the prerequisite, and tax reduction and fee reduction is the goal." The core of tax planning is pre-design. On the basis of compliance, pre-design and reasonable tax planning are done.

At the meeting, Attorney Tao offered some suggestions and raised questions to stimulate thinking. During the discussion session, the guests at the conference raised their own taxation confusions. They discussed with each other, and Mr. Tao patiently explained their confusions. The guests at the conference expressed that the salon is very meaningful and learned a lot of taxation knowledge, which is of great help to their own financial work and will reduce many tax burdens for enterprises.



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