Xingwanhui & ICH Salon Issue 5|Thinking and Prospects on the Innovation and Development of Pharmaceutical Technology in the New Era
Author:GrandBay BioDate:2021-04-11From:GrandBay Bio

  In order to further empower biomedical companies, focus on innovation to drive the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry. On April 9, under the guidance of Shenzhen Pingshan District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, hosted by Shenzhen Xingwan Biomedical Development Consulting Co., Ltd., Sun Yat-sen University School of Pharmacy (Shenzhen), Shenzhen Fubao East Investment Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen No. 1 Roadshow Network Technology Co., Ltd. The "Xingwanhui & ICH Salon Fifth Phase of the New Era Pharmaceutical Technology Innovation and Development Thinking and Prospects" co-organized by Co., Ltd. was held as scheduled in the Pingshan Biomedical Innovation Industrial Park. Deng Wenbin, the dean of Zhongshan School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Shenzhen) and the tenured professor of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine at the University of California, Davis, is invited as the guest speaker of the salon to share the development trends and future opportunities of the pharmaceutical industry.


      At the event site, representatives of nearly 20 Pingshan biomedical entrepreneurs participated in this salon event. At the same time, this event was also broadcast live simultaneously on the first roadshow APP, sharing the exciting content of the event with online participants in real time.

      At the meeting, Dean Wenbin Deng took the research of stem cells and innovative drugs as the starting point, and deeply analyzed the importance of stem cells for clinical medical applications. Among them, in the field of stem cells, his research group has established a technical system for producing IPSC from human cells from different sources, including skin, blood, and urine.


      In addition, in response to the current opportunities and challenges in the domestic biomedical field, Dean Deng Wenbin pointed out that the development of new drugs requires multidisciplinary knowledge and new technology support; complex and refractory diseases should be the focus of future new drug development and application, and the demand for major diseases is also new drugs. The main driving force for R&D applications.
      For pharmaceutical companies, R&D capabilities are the foundation for maintaining market competitiveness and sustainable development. Dean Wenbin Deng believes that the current focus of biomedicine research and development mainly includes three aspects: first, the biomarker and diagnostic technology market promotes the development of drugs and diagnostics; second, new diagnostic technologies that can predict efficacy and adverse reactions; third, human genome The plan is to start advancing the discovery of new molecular entities and drug development pipelines.


     The full sharing of dry goods also aroused the enthusiasm of the business friends who attended the meeting. They had close interactive exchanges with Dean Deng Wenbin, and the on-site response was enthusiastic.

      Biomedicine is the leading industry of Pingshan Biomedicine Innovation Industrial Park. In the future, Xingwan Bio will continue to gather and link high-quality biomedical companies at home and abroad to produce a cluster of biomedical industry. At the same time, it will launch more exciting series of salon activities to support and serve pharmaceutical companies. , To contribute to the prosperity of Pingshan Biomedicine Industry.

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