Xingwanhui & ICH Salon Issue 4 丨Frequently Asked Questions about Intellectual Property Protection of Biomedical Enterprises
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Patent protection session

Innovation is the first driving force for development, and protecting intellectual property rights means protecting innovation. In order to further strengthen the protection and management of intellectual property rights of biomedical enterprises in Pingshan District, and enhance their innovation capabilities and core competitiveness. On March 31, the High-level Talent Association of Xingwan Biological Union, Huashang Biomedical Industry Law Research Institute, and Ping’an Smart Park held the "Xingwanhui & ICH Salon Fourth Phase of Biomedical Enterprise Intellectual Property Protection Common in Pingshan Innovation Plaza problem". Three lawyers, Qin Xiaoshuang, Zhang Zhenhai and Xiong Yongming, senior partners of Huashang Law Firm and former judges of the Hubei Higher People’s Court, were invited to share their knowledge of biomedical patent protection as the main guests of this salon.


Shenzhen Puruijin Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Bard Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shentu Medical Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huikang Precision Instrument Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shankang Medical and Health Industry Co., Ltd. The company, Shenzhen Huaxian Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Century MicroPort Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and nearly twenty Pingshan corporate executives and legal personnel, as well as relevant persons in charge of Pingshan District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau participated in this salon event. At the same time, it attracted on-site interviews and reports from reporters from Shenzhen Broadcasting Group's Zhongchuang TV Channel.


Patent protection sharing

At the meeting, Mr. Qin Xiaoshuang, as a guest speaker, made a systematic explanation for the senior executives of pharmaceutical companies from the four aspects of patent applications, the characteristics of pharmaceutical patent applications, patent infringement identification and defense, and patent infringement risk avoidance strategies. In the medical field patent application trend, he mentioned that according to the statistics ranking of the number of global biomedical industry invention patent applications published in 2020, the biomedical industry patents involve biotechnology, genetic engineering drugs, vaccines, diagnostic reagents, microecological preparations, and blood products. And other technical fields. The companies/hospitals on the list are mainly from 14 countries, organizations or regions. There are 3 companies with more than 1,000 patents, of which 3 Chinese companies are in the top 50 of the list. And from 2018 to 2020, the number of patent applications by Chinese companies on the list has shown a clear upward trend, which shows that China's stuck-neck biomedical technology is rising. Later, Attorney Zhang Zhenhai and Attorney Xiong Yongming shared the medical patent litigation cases they handled and the patent-related matters of pharmaceutical company CRO and CDMO, and told business friends how to identify valid patents.
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The salon activities were carried out through thematic explanations, case studies, and questions and discussions. The three teachers shared and answered the questions and spent a pleasant 3 hours. They received enthusiastic responses from the participating business friends. They all expressed that the salon is full of dry goods, efficient and practical. , Have confidence in the company's patent application and control.




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