Xingwanhui & ICH Salon Issue 1
Author:Pingshan News NetDate:2021-03-12From:Pingshan News Net

Xingwanhui & ICH Salon was held. District CPPCC think tank experts offered advice on the construction of Pingshan Bio-Industrial Park 3.0

On the afternoon of March 11, the first event of Xingwanhui & ICH Salon series was held in Pingshan District. Chen Zhu, chairman of the Pingshan District Political Consultative Conference, was in charge of the District Science and Innovation Bureau, District Investment Service Promotion Agency, Nanke Dapingshan Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and the district biomedical companies. People, conducted in-depth discussions on the development of new drugs and the construction of biomedical parks under the latest ICH guidelines.

In his speech, Lord Chen said that as the core park of Shenzhen National High-tech Zone, Pingshan Park has been constantly reforming and innovating in the future industrial layout. Pingshan Biopharmaceutical Industry has ample innovation momentum, and it must actively connect with international standards and advanced standards, and strive to enhance the global allocation of innovative resources. He has full confidence and high hopes for building the 3.0 era of Pingshan Biomedicine Industrial Park and benchmarking ICH international standards.

At the meeting, Pingshan CPPCC think tank expert, foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, and chief scientist of Xingwan Biotechnology, Dr. Zhang Dan gave a keynote speech. Pingshan ICH Biomedical Park will be benchmarked against the world-renowned biomedical parks in Boston and San Francisco. With the strong support of social resources and the government, the development of new drugs and clinical trials that are conducive to ICH standards will be carried out in terms of, funding, systems, etc. The park has a large amount of enterprises to develop innovative drugs of international quality under the ICH environment, and at the same time attract international innovations. Only when enterprises with incremental drug development and market competitiveness enter the park can they truly build Pingshan Biomedicine Industrial Park 3.0 that is compliant with international standards.

The person in charge of Pingshan Science and Technology Innovation Bureau and District Investment Promotion Service Agency hopes that Shenzhen Pingshan ICH Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park will gather and link domestic and foreign high-quality biopharmaceutical companies in the future, produce a biopharmaceutical industry agglomeration effect, and build an international high-quality brand of Pingshan ICH Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park , Let Pingshan go out of Shenzhen, go out of the country, and go international.

Shen Xing, a member of the District CPPCC and chairman of Xingwan Biotechnology, Zhang Xumu, a think tank expert of the District CPPCC, and dean of the Dapingshan Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Nanke Science and Technology, and various business representatives have encountered various problems in the development of new drugs under the new ICH standards. How the park can support and serve pharmaceutical companies and build a biomedical industrial park in the 3.0 era that conforms to ICH standards.

In 2019, the Pingshan District CPPCC passed the proposal of the municipal and district CPPCC to promote the upgrading of Pingshan High-tech Zone to the core park of Shenzhen National High-tech Zone, and worked with the Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Commission to plan a new consensus on “co-construction of committees and districts”. With the great attention and support of the CPPCC, the district CPPCC focused on the biomedical industry, with the theme of "Building the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Biomedical Industry Innovation Cooperation Zone-Pingshan Life Science City" as the theme, the committee meeting room was held to fully promote the construction of Guangdong The grand pattern of Hong Kong and Macao cooperation and the joint construction of life science cities by provinces and cities has formed important decisions of the municipal party committee, municipal government, and district party committee and district government.

In 2020, Pingshan will be positioned as the core park for the development of the city’s biomedical industry. The municipal party committee and the municipal government have clearly established a new mechanism for the establishment of the Academy of Medical Sciences. On this basis, the municipal and district CPPCC once again jointly organized the "Explore the Bay Area Cooperation Model and Build the Pingshan Biomedical Science and Technology Industry City" large-scale committee meeting room. Zhang Dan, Zhu Xun and other academicians, experts and CPPCC members centered on the establishment of the new mechanism of the Academy of Medical Sciences Promoting the development of the Pingshan biomedical industry, creating a highland for cooperation between Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao in Pingshan, and improving the planning and spatial planning of the Pingshan biomedical industry have attracted more than 1.2 million netizens' online attention, setting a new high in the number of people in the Council Chamber.

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