Xingwanhui & ICH Salon Issue 3
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The third phase of Xingwanhui & ICH Salon was successfully held

Environmental control|The second lifeline of the company


On the afternoon of March 24, under the guidance of Shenzhen Pingshan District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, sponsored by Shenzhen Xingwan Biomedical Development Consulting Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Pingshan High-level Talent Association, China Shenzhen (Shenzhen) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen The third phase of Xingwanhui & ICH Salon co-organized by Fubao Eastern Investment Development Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the Pingshan District Biomedical Innovation Industrial Park. With the theme of environmental management and control|The second lifeline of the enterprise, this salon invited Professor Niu Junfeng, the director of the Eco-Environmental Engineering Technology R&D Center of Dongguan University of Technology and an expert in industrial wastewater treatment, and Pingshan Enterprise to discuss the problems of water pollution control and contribute to the green health of Pingshan. Development contributes wisdom.


Shenzhen Shenfubao East Investment Development Co., Ltd., Pingshan District Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen New Industry Biomedical Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wanle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Haipurui Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Micro Core Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xinlitai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sinopharm Zhijun (Shenzhen) Pingshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Aixindawei Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jiakang Huibao Meat Co., Ltd., China Resources ( Senior executives of more than 30 Pingshan enterprises, including Wufeng) Food Co., Ltd., Zhongshen (Shenzhen) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Dachang Biomedical (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Aisheng Regenerative Medicine Technology Co., Ltd., Merikelin, etc. The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Innovation Bureau of Pingshan District participated in this salon. This salon was hosted by Xie Fangfang, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Xingwan Biomedical Development Consulting Co., Ltd.


On the one hand, corporate development relies on product innovation to improve product strength and win the market; on the other hand, while saving energy and reducing emissions and improving corporate social responsibility, it also reduces environmental pollution, improves environmental benefits, and wins a virtuous circle of sustainable development. At present, the northwestern region of my country is a water-scarce city, and the southeast region is an area with relatively abundant water resources. Therefore, in the process of enterprise production development, there is a problem of solving environmental pollution caused by the production of enterprises in the southeast region, while the northwest region is an area with relatively abundant water resources. Ministries and cities are facing the problems of pollution and water recycling. The state has increased the water recycling rate of large enterprises from 40% to 60%. At the same time, it continues to raise sewage discharge standards, and at the same time control and reduce process secondary pollutants, Hazardous waste output. How to solve the company's environmental problems? How to choose to reduce the secondary pollution of the process? How to reduce the cost of corporate environmental governance? How to reduce the risk of enterprises exceeding emission standards? How to build an efficient and green circular economy, etc., face these problems that need to be solved. Professor Niu Junfeng shared his research results and practical experience for more than 20 years to the guests.


The weekly labor union of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park later replied with the organizer that the Xingwanhui & ICH salon is very professional and I am very happy to be invited to participate. The theme of the salon is mainly related to the environmental protection of wastewater from biomedical enterprises. Professor Niu explained a lot. Cases include the use of biological or nanotechnology, reverse osmosis membranes and other methods to reduce the concentration of COD and BOD in wastewater, and meet the discharge standards. The content of the sharing is highly related to the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biomedical Industrial Park and is very beneficial.


The "Xingwanhui & ICH Salon" series of activities are Shenzhen Xingwan Biomedical Development Consulting Co., Ltd. dedicated to serving biomedical companies in Pingshan District, creating a brand event for Pingshan ICH Park, operating and empowering biomedical industry accelerators based on ICH standards, and helping the park's memory A large number of enterprises conduct research and development of innovative drugs of international quality under the ICH environment. At the same time, it attracts incremental enterprises with international innovative drug development and market competitiveness to enter the park for development, and finally form the brand of Shenzhen Pingshan ICH Park.


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