Xingwanhui & ICH Salon Issue 2
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The second phase of Xingwanhui & ICH Salon was successfully held 

"Scientific name" medicine collection | Those who get the raw materials get "the world"

On the afternoon of March 18, the “Scientific Name” Medicine Collection of the second phase of Xingwanhui & ICH Salon sponsored by Shenzhen Xingwan Biomedicine Development Consulting Co., Ltd. and co-organized by Southern University of Science and Technology Pingshan Biomedical Research Institute | "The World" was successfully held in the conference room of the Pingshan Institute of Biomedicine, Southern University of Science and Technology.


Zhang Xumu, Dean of the Institute of Biomedicine, Southern University of Science and Technology, Dr. Ye Weiping, General Manager of Shenzhen Huaxian Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Hou Changlin, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Wanle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Dr. Wang Huifang, Vice President of Yourui Biomedical Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. , Dr. Duan Jianxin, Chairman of Shenzhen Aixindawei Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Hongyong, Managing Director of Shenzhen Force Life Science Co., Ltd., Gao Hong, General Manager of Shenfubao East Investment Development Co., Ltd., Sinopharm Zhijun (Shenzhen) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Dr. Huang Chao, Deputy General Manager of the company, Yan Fengxian, General Manager of Pingshan, Shenzhen Haipurui Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Jiang Bin, Production Director of Shenzhen Hanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Wu Lijuan, General Manager of Shenzhen Zhongshen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xinlitai Dr. Chen Ping, R&D Director of Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Xie Fangfang, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Xingwan Biomedical Development Consulting Co., Ltd., and Li Xinyu, R&D Director of Shenzhen Jianyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. attended the event Salon activities.

At the beginning of the meeting, Xie Fang, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Xingwan Biomedical Development Consulting Co., Ltd., said that he was very happy to be here to discuss the future of Pingshan Biomedicine. And express my heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to the entrepreneurs who took the time to come during their busy schedule. She introduced that Xingwan Biotechnology is a management and operation company established to establish a biomedical industry park in Pingshan, Shenzhen that is in line with ICH standards.


This salon invited Professor Zhang Xumu, Dean of the Pingshan Institute of Biomedicine, Southern University of Science and Technology, to share the topic. Dean Zhang’s ideas from the policy analysis of APIs to how to solve environmental problems in the chemical industry, and how to choose technology and product process routes Improving the core competitiveness of generic drug technology, how to create an efficient and green synthesis process for chiral drugs and other years of research experience unreservedly shared with the guests. Dean Zhang’s sharing said, the dry goods were full, and the scene aroused thought and resonance. Afterwards, everyone discussed the problems encountered in the operation and R&D process of the company, and the results were full of results. They have activated the Pingshan Biomedical Circle, strengthened the alliance between pharmaceutical companies, and injected impetus into the interaction and cooperation between hospitals and companies. And vitality.


President Ye of Huaxian Medicine shared: I am very happy to participate in today's salon meeting, and I have found a lot in common here. Pharmaceuticals is a long and problematic field. We also encountered similar problems when we were doing API process research and development. Today's sharing will be very helpful to our process improvement. "


The "Xingwanhui & ICH Salon" series of activities are Shenzhen Xingwan Biomedical Development Consulting Co., Ltd. dedicated to serving biomedical companies in Pingshan District, creating a brand event for Pingshan ICH Park, operating and empowering biomedical industry accelerators based on ICH standards, and helping the park's memory A large number of enterprises conduct research and development of innovative drugs of international quality under the ICH environment. At the same time, it attracts incremental enterprises with international innovative drug development and market competitiveness to enter the park for development, and finally form the brand of Shenzhen Pingshan ICH Park.

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