eCTD v4.0 Q&A v.1.4 Reach step 4 of the ICH process
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The eCTD v4.0 Q&A v1.4 reaches Step 4 of the ICH process

9 December 2020

The eCTD v4.0 Question and Answer (Q&A) and Specification Change Request Document v1.4 reached Step 4 of the ICH process in December 2020.

The eCTDv4.0 Q&A document is a summary of questions reviewed by the eCTD Implementation Working Group (i.e. M8 IWG) on the eCTDv4.0 Implementation Package, and further to receiving new Change Requests in 2020, the M8 EWG/IWG has updated the eCTD v4.0 Q&A to version 1.4.
The eCTDv4.0 Q&A v1.4 is available for download on the ICH ESTRI page for eCTD v4.0 here.

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